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Christ, The Capstone

September 16, 2018 Pastor: Rev. David Rockness Series: Lord's Day Sermons

Scripture: 1 Peter 2:1–2:12, Psalm 118:22–118:29

Rev. Rockness continues his series on First Peter. Today he reminds us of the three charges that the apostle gives in chapter 1, A. We are called to holiness, B. We are called to love, C. We are called to growth. He specifically reminds us of this third charge today. We are called in this passage of First Peter to seek the pure spiritual milk of God's Word in Scripture in personal devotion. Rev. Rockness reminds us that Christ is our cornerstone--the source of our life and stability. We must be joined to Him if we are to live and to grow at all, much less if we are to be a witness to a dying world.

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